Your Consultation Session is Free of Charge.


Individual Coaching can be life changing and can be done in person, over the phone or by using FaceTime and Zoom.

You can enjoy coaching by phone or zoom / facetime.  It is a great way to connect when you live in a different location and my out of state clients are just as comfortable as my face to face clients.  Give it a try - remember the consultation is free of charge.

  • After your complimentary consultation we will determine a suggested amount of visits and the best times for us to meet.
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Fees are available with discounts for clients signing up for monthly and quarterly programs.  

Group Coaching is available and can be fun to do with family, friends, church & college groups.

Some of the Classes Available:

  • Living What You Believe

What Do You Truly Believe?

The world is filled with opinions and beliefs.  Many times we choose to hold our thoughts to ourselves in order to avoid conflict or because we do not know how to express ourselves fully.

Have you ever considered living your beliefs? Those beliefs could be religious, political, environmental, etc...

You may want to be a kinder person walking more fully in the steps of Jesus.  Or you may want to support a cause like animal rights. You may even want to become more politically active where you live.

This class is designed to begin the process of determining what is important to you and find ways to express your opinion that make you feel open and free.  Uncovering what you truly believe in order to start creating deeper fulfillment in your life. 

  • Living Spiritually

Is it time to move beyond the religious routine and into a place of daily spiritual peace?

Is Sunday the only day you feel connected to God? 

Has your spiritual life become stagnate or lessened over the years?

This class will explore our past religious experiences, evaluate where we are and help us to look forward to where we want to be.  We will assess our spiritual needs as we work to fill in areas that feel stuck or empty.  We will then prepare to move into the next level to find a deep sense of peace within.

  • Living Healthy

Are you ready to...?

Lose Weight     Gain Muscle     Tone     Change your Eating Habits     Get off Medications     Feel Better     Inspire your Friends & Family     Be a Role Model for your Children     Feel more Awake     Be Happier & Less Stressed

How do you start a healthy lifestyle and stay focused on your goals? How do you make a long-term commitment to this new healthy lifestyle?

This class will begin to explore why you lose focus on your goals and will teach you how to develop a plan for a Healthier Lifestyle.  We will write SMART goals and take time to consider what is blocking you from being the best you can be.

  • Living Your Life's Purpose

Do you feel complete?

Are you floundering work?

Do you know your job but don't love it?

Are you questioning who you are and why you are here?

Is there something missing in your life?

Are you tired of the same routine?

This class will be an opportunity to explore your deeper self.  Uncovering passions that you possibly haven't seen since childhood.  Igniting new ideas and pursuing your dreams both old and new.

We will discuss 7 steps for clarity and results and look back in your life to time of ecstatic engagement.

If you are ready to imagine your life in a refreshing and exciting way this is the class for you.

  • What do I want to be when I grow up?....for High School Students, College Students, Stay at Home Parents preparing to return to work, People considering a career change or opening their own business.

  • Whole Food Plant Based Eating: What is it? Why eat this way? How do I transition and sustain this lifestyle 

The first part of this two part group class is an explanation of what this lifestyle is and why it is important for your health and the planet.  

The second part is a cooking demonstration and tasting. Gather your friends and discover a new way to eat and cook. 

This class can be taken in your home, in a church or business with a full working kitchen or in my home. Participation is limited to six people if taken in a home. 

  • The Artist's Way

This is a group class based upon the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. This 12-week interactive class can be done with a group at home in the Denver/Centennial Colorado area or as a group on-line.  

The benefits of this class can be broken down by the titles of each chapter - Recovering:

A Sense of Safety, A Sense of Identity, A Sense of Power, A Sense of Integrity, A Sense of Possibility, A Sense of Abundance, A Sense of Connection, A Sense of Strength, A Sense of Compassion, A Sense of Self-Protection, A Sense of Autonomy, A Sense of Faith.

It has been my experience that at some point during the 12-weeks you will discover a part of yourself that has been hidden and is ready to express itself in ways that can only be described as freeing.  I hope you join me along with your friends as you find your authentic, creative, faithful self. 





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