10 of 40 Day 40 Body

Connecting the Dots...

These past 10 days have been the most difficult blogs to write.  Difficult because I have a lot to learn about the body and mental hurdles to overcome in an effort to keep my body in the best shape it can be. I've talked about weight training, massage, body image, yoga, running, consistency, putting yourself first, sleep, and being 50 years old.

These dots are all connected into one important factor, we need to pay attention and love our bodies.  They do not need to be a certain size, shape or weight, they just need to be healthy.  

We know that a healthy body is a combination of things:

Exercise - it doesn't matter what you do, but just moving your body every day.

Food - eating good non-processed foods that come from the earth and fill our bodies with vitamins and minerals.

Sleep - which becomes harder and harder the older you get.  Changing our habits to find a good nights sleep can completely change our outlook on daily life and keep us healthy and happier.

Attitude - the way we look at the world can make a significant change in how we age and how healthy we are. Letting go of resentments and anger, flexing our forgiveness muscles and taking time to forgive ourselves.  Knowing that we are loved and taking the time to love the world back.

Our bodies can only thrive if we give them the tools to succeed.


Not only am I connecting the dots for body but as this is my last day of 10 of 40 I need to connect the food, mind, spiritual and body dots.  There is an AirB&B in Georgia that is on the top of everyones wish list.  It is a tree house.  It was developed by a former environmental activist in his backyard for himself but he has now opened it up as a rental for everyone to enjoy.  When he developed it he called the three sections mind, body, spirit.  The mind is a living area filled with books and comfort, the body is a bedroom, where the bed rolls out into the trees and the spirit is a tree that is 165 year old short leaf pine.  How appropriate, to look at nature and see all that we are. I agree with the builder that all three (mind, body, spirit) can be found in nature, but it can also be found within ourselves or out in our daily lives. We can meditate, exercise, go to church or synagogue with others in bustling places and be completely connected as easily as we can in the quiet serenity of the woods or at the beach or behind the closed doors of our home. In this blog experiment I also added food, because I believe food is part of our connection to the earth, ourselves and others. And just as mind, body & spirit can be appreciated everywhere and anywhere so can the enjoyment of good healthy food.  

As I move beyond this daily blog I am struck by one lesson.  To be whole is to connect to all aspects of our lives and live them fully and with exuberance.  We are all here for a purpose and we are driven to find that purpose consciously &/or unconsciously. When we recognize that need to find our purpose we become more focused, calm and connected to the earth and everything around us. I would be remise if I didn't say that I believe that receiving life coaching is a door that can open you up to yourself.  By pushing past the surface and exploring the deeper parts of you, the mind, body and spirit release themselves to become one and to feel calmer, more connected and less burdened by thoughts of the past and worries for the future.  If you have received any comfort or connection to these blogs over the past 40 days, I would hope that you would contact me. Life coaching in not just face to face, it is done over the phone or through FaceTime or on-line meeting rooms.  I hope you consider the possibilities because I truly believe that the world is a better place when we are able to be our authentic selves.  

Thanks for reading!

Wishing you Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,