10 of 40 Day 32 Body

I like working out, I like running and I like yoga.  

Using weights make me feel stronger, when I am sore the next day it reminds me that I am doing something good for my body. I like having a personal trainer https://www.lifestylefitnessandmassagetherapy.com  so that I can learn the right way to do the lift, push or pull and I feel more comfortable knowing that I am working the correct muscles. 

Running clears my head and makes me feel energized.  I love the idea of my heart rate increasing and oxygen filling my lungs and body.  I enjoy both outdoor running because I am able to enjoy nature and indoor/treadmill running because it is controlled.

Yoga...really who doesn't love yoga.  You stretch your body, work out kinks and calm your mind at the same time. 

Some people may say they do not like to exercise, but I love it.  So, when I stop exercising I am always baffeled.  When I look at it from the outside in, I think I always stop because I put exercise last on my list of priorities.  Always figuring that I can do it tomorrow.  Then tomorrow becomes the next day and before long I haven't worked out in a month.  I may jump on the treadmill here and there or do some yoga but I have lost my consistency.  By the time I am ready to get back into it, I've lost my strength, endurance and flexibility. 

I believe there are two ways to combat the loss of consistency.  The first is to have a trainer or a group of people you work out with.  I say a group, because it is easy to give yourself an excuse and if you are with one other person you may excuse each other easily but if you add a couple of people, suddenly you feel left out if you are not with them. And a trainer because you are accountable to him or her and when you go to the gym you have a friend in your trainer.  You will feel more comfortable and you will have a plan set up for you so that you don't aimlessly wander around not knowing what you'll do or how to do exercises properly so you end up on the treadmill for a bit and go home.  Eventually, you just don't go at all. 

The second way is harder.  You need to put yourself first.  You need to prioritize your health.  Finding time these days can be difficult, but if you look at your day, really look at your day you might be surprised that you actually do have the time.  It may be making your lunch and going for a walk instead of eating out, or not checking your Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and E-Mails in the morning and taking that time to do yoga or a run.  Maybe, you will go to bed earlier and TIVO your favorite show so that you can get up earlier and meet your trainer at the gym.  You probably have more options than you realized, but it comes down to one thing - Your Priorities.  

For me, I am back at the gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, on the treadmill or pavement on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and some type of yoga daily.  This may seem excessive, but all it is, is scheduling exercise at the same time everyday.  Just like I make breakfast or brush my teeth daily.  It will and is just a habit.  A good habit. One concern I have is that,  I will be out of town for 12 days in the next couple of weeks, so I will need to find a way to get my exercise in at the same time everyday while I am away and get back to a consistent schedule as soon as I return. In the past I would tell myself to wait to start my exercise routine until I return,  but leaving soon is not a reason not to start today or in my case yesterday.  It's time to put my health as a priority!

How about you? Are you ready to care for yourself? Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

Wishing you Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,


*photos: 1. Wanderlust (5k, Yoga & Creative Choice) with my Family  2. Back in the Gym  3. Dirty Girl Mud Run with my Friends (5K & Obstacle Course)   4. Trainer Zachary demonstrating the next Exercise