10 of 40

Starting Monday, June 12, I will begin posting on all social media different aspects of my food, mind, body, spirit lifestyle.  

The first 10 days will be food.  I will post healthy whole food plant based recipes and articles, pictures of what I eat and why and helpful hints daily on Instagram, Graceful Living Facebook page, Snapchat, Twitter and weekly on my Blog.

The second set of 10 days will follow the same process for Mind. Which will include meditation, awareness, connecting to the present moment, books, community and friendships. 

The third set of 10 days will follow a spiritual journey that will include books, quotes, prayer, nature, and different ways to connect to God.  

And the last 10 days will be Body including weight training, yoga, running, massage, sleep and so much more.

My hope is that these 40 days will give you ideas and that you will be able to use what you learn to grow in all aspects of life.  By using different media the best of all worlds will include you!  Sharing what you know and helping others including myself to grow through your knowledge. Send me your questions, opinions and pictures of your journey. I am looking forward to sharing my lifestyle and learning about yours.  Let's grow together.  

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Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,


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