10 of 40 Day 18

10 of 40 sunset_edited-4 copy.jpg

I am reading the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.  As a part of this reader participation self help book over the course of 12 weeks you are suppose to write three morning pages every day when you get up and go on a artistic date alone once a week.  It is interesting.  The three morning pages truly do clear your mind.  Almost like a writing meditation.  They are messy and disorganized but they are meant to release your brain from the many thoughts that enter it as you wake up.  You write things like take the dog to the groomer, pick up dry cleaning and I am excited to get my hair done today. It's amazing what just putting down your thoughts whether they be listing your daily activities or excitement about something that is happening or frustration over an event can free your mind.  

Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission. The admitting is often very difficult.
— Julia Cameron

The artistic date is interesting as well.  You go somewhere to excite and fill your mind and fill your "artistic tank" each week. Even more compelling is you have to do it alone.  Just you and your creative mind are on the journey. As I planned out this weeks journey I was excited. There are many places and things I want to see over this 12 week exploration into my artistic self in Georgia, New York and California and I am ready and appreciative for the push.  By week 12, I may be weary of these dates or I may be more motivated to discover the world through the eyes of my creative soul.  I am certain future blogs will be sharing my adventures with you.  What are your plans for adventure this summer and are you willing to take the leap and experience them?

Wishing you Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,