10 of 40 Day 16

What is your inner critic saying to you?  Not your intuition or your inner voice but your inner critic.  The voice that tells you "you can't". Stop for a moment and think about yourself, what is the chatter in your head expressing? Say the words out loud.  Do these words hurt? Would you ever say the things you say about yourself about someone else? Or do you reserve your worst thoughts only for you? Take a moment and pay attention to the voice inside you, write down what you're hearing. Have you ever really confronted your inner critic? What does it look like, what does it sound like? Is it your voice or someone else speaking? Are there times when your inner critic helps you to propel forward?

As you contemplate all of the feelings that arise consider this... it is only background noise, you are in control and you can give yourself compassion and grace.  You are worthy and good and kind and loving. Close your eyes and breath deeply - feel the breath as it fills your body and then releases.  Recognize what is true from your critic and what is false. Then allow yourself room to rest.  Rest in the knowledge that this critic is harsh and does not express who you truly are. Use meditation or yoga or journalling, exercise, form good eating habits, spend time in community and time with friends and family to break the bonds of the inner critic.  This is the time, the time to change the dialog, to love yourself and connect with the energy within that is creating a positive expression of you. 

“We dedicate most of the time worrying about our deficiencies and self-criticism instead of concentrating on our goals and believing in our destination”
― Sunday Adelaja

This is the time to also think about how you treat and judge others, think about what their inner critic is saying to them.  Can you find compassion for them? Can you understand their struggles? Can you take a breath for them and open yourself up to allow them grace? Giving Compassion, Peace & Grace to yourself and Giving Compassion, Peace & Grace to others can bring us together. And together we can make a difference - a difference in our lives, the lives of others, the life of our community and our world.  

Wishing you Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,