10 of 40 Day 10

Connecting the Dots.....

Over the course of the past 10 days I have discussed school nutrition, a balanced table, company, kicking habits, mindful eating, the benefits of salad, protein and fiber, websites, recipes and the people who share them as well as the differences between whole food plant based and vegan. Each of these areas of our lives include thought, preparation and decision making.  We each have to decide what to put on our plate and why.  We can have large scale reasons like the environment and the protection of animals, we may be thinking about our bodies which could include weight loss and health. Or we may just want what feels good and reminds us of a time past when our world was simpler. No matter what we decide our meals make up a good portion of our day and our thoughts.  Taking time to enjoy those meals and being mindful is important. 

I say all of this to explain why food was added to the list of 10 of 40. We often hear the term Mind, Body, Spirit.  But it is my belief that Food is apart of this list. We are nourishing our bodies and our minds with the food we eat.  We are spending time at the table and in the kitchen connecting with others.  Our minds often dictate what and why we are eating.  Doug Lisle, PhD. and co-author of "The Pleasure Trap" explains  "our biological purpose of life is survival and reproduction.  Nature has created three incentives for us to fulfill this purpose: 1. the pursuit of pleasure, 2. the avoidance of pain, and 3. the conservation of energy." He calls these three incentives "The Motivational Triad". As Dr. Lisle explains "Why does the chicken cross the road?" We all know the answer "To get the the other side" But why get to the other side? Most likely one of three things are happening - there is food on the other side, there are girls on the other side or there is danger on the side he is on.  Doesn't that apply to us as well? Our brain is always protecting us and preparing us for what we need and this includes food. 

As we move into the next phase of mind we will be connecting again with food, but also with body and spirit.  Each of these areas make up how we look, feel and move within the world.  

I will conclude with a quote from Hippocrates considered the Father of Medicine who lived from 460-377 bc.  His contribution to the field of medicine was so important that each physician would take the Hippocratic Oath and is still taught today in medical schools.   

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food
— Hippocrates

If you are interested in having a more personal conversation regarding food, life or spiritual concerns contact me for a consultation.  We can connect in person or by phone or FaceTime.  I would welcome the opportunity to work together. 

Wishing you Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,