10 of 40 Day 5

Kicking a Habit....

Have you ever thought about “kicking the habit” The caffeine habit that is.  I went off caffeine two years ago today.  For me it was because of an illness.  I had never worried too much about caffeine prior to that time.  But once I gave it up I found the hardest thing about stopping caffeine was the same thing as when I stopped smoking.  HABIT.  Every morning I love the smell of coffee, drinking a cup before I do anything else.  Relaxing and allowing the warm coffee to fill me up, is one of my favorite things to do to start my day.  Just like when I quit smoking and I had to adjust to not lighting up when I got in the car,  I suddenly had to start my day differently.  I tried drinking tea.  But it just wasn't the same. 

In the end, giving up caffeine, proved to be easier than when I gave up smoking over 20 years ago.  Once, the headaches went away and I discovered good decaf coffee, all was good in the world again. I could still enjoy the smell, taste and routine that I so love in the morning without all of the side affects. 

"Have you ever had to give up something you loved? A routine that you didn't want to stop but knew it was bad for you?"

"Have you ever had to give up something you loved? A routine that you didn't want to stop but knew it was bad for you?"

When it is something that is part of your routine or a habit you have adjusted to over years it can be difficult to change.  Many things you do without a second thought.  Like brushing your teeth in the morning, opening the door, tying your shoes or grabbing a handful of M & M's as you walk past the candy jar.  It’s nice not having to think about things that just come naturally.  But it can also be difficult to change things when they aren’t good for you.  Snacking as you cook dinner or grabbing a cookie when you come in from work or laying down on the couch to watch TV instead of exercising may be habits you'd like to change. 




What can you do to change a habit that is holding you back from success?


In her book “The Plant-Based Journey” author Lani Muelrath suggests:

Become Aware

Clarify Your Intention

 Identify Micro Changes


These steps follow the same principals as SMART goals: S=Specific  M=Measurable A= Achievable R=Realistic T=Time Sensitive/Based.

If you have a habit that you would like to change, plan out your success.  Develop a SMART goal. Remember that you may have set backs and that is okay.  Celebrate your success no matter how small.  Know that you will have challenges and that each challenge presents an opportunity for success.  Have a support person, someone you are accountable to. This can be a friend or family member, your trainer at the gym or a life coach.  Enjoy the process!  It takes time to develop a habit both good and bad.  Give yourself some grace and grow into your new healthier way of life.

Wishing you Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,



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