Does What We Wear Matter?

When I am meeting someone I take careful consideration to determine what to wear.  This includes shoes, jewelry, scarves, even which purse I will take. But does it matter?  I noticed recently that when I am at the LakeHouse I wear "whatever" Whatever is the most comfortable, Whatever is most convenient, Whatever is there.  My son loves a pair of sweat pants and his girlfriend calls them his "I don't care pants" These are his pants that don't leave much of an impression or maybe they leave a bad impression but are so comfortable they are worth it. 

Why don’t I care about the impression I make everywhere I go and with everything I do?

As I was contemplating this thought, I looked down at my wrists.  On my left wrist I have a beaded bracelet that is meant to provide properties for better health and a string bracelet with a tree on it to bring awareness to our environment. As my daughter would say my "hippy" side and on my right wrist l wear a tennis bracelet which I believe shows sophistication and a sense of elegance.  My wrists clearly represent the two people I am, just as my clothing choices do based upon my location. This makes me question are we all two sides of the same person and if so how do we connect the two most effectively?  How do we enjoy a sweat pants life with a diamond bracelet attitude or visa versa.  And if we do embrace the sweat pants life does the world take us seriously? And do we take ourselves seriously?

One thing I know for sure is that when I do dress up I feel more confident, more prepared and more willing to take on challenges. When I walk into a business and see the staff represent their company or product in an extremely casual manner I think whether it be consciously or subconsciously they do not care about what they are there to represent.  

So, overall I guess where I stand on the subject is that clothing and appearance do matter.  It doesn't have to be designer apparel but well thought out and considerate of the environment.  A neat appearance, hair done, clothing ironed, makeup fresh and accessories in place. Just as a man looks complete and is a step above with a pair slacks and dress shirt with cuff links and a woman with heals and the right jewelry for an outfit can lift her look to the next level. 

In the end, in my opinion no matter where you are in life shouldn't you try to put yourself forward in the best possible way if not for others, for yourself and the way you want to look, act and move about in the world.

So it appears I need to start changing my attire at the lake.  I'll still be in shorts but they will match my sweatshirt or t-shirt, they will be ironed and they won't be 20 years old.  

Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,