Trees in the Lake


I had the privilege of celebrating Easter weekend with my family at Lake Hartwell.  While on the lake we discovered an area that I called a tree graveyard.  Out of the calm still waters, trees emerged. Probably underwater a safe haven for fish, although some fisherman were willing to navigate the dangerous area for a chance of a big catch. But as I looked out I saw danger for our boat, an area of land blocked off and evidence of a time past.  A time before the lake was formed and trees grew over the land.  A time when as God intended trees filled this place.  A time when people wouldn't think of these trees as danger but only God's beauty here on earth.  

Do you miss a time when things were simply beautiful as God intended?  Before the land of your mind and body was flooded with responsibilities, thoughts and memories that don't serve you well.  Or have you never felt true peace and seek an opportunity to cut down the trees that stick up through your desire for inner calm and tranquility.  I think we all have areas of drowned forests.  No matter how much water we try to fill these areas with, there will still be some sticks that poke through.  In my opinion this is what life coaching is about - navigating through the sticks and branches of life to find our peace, our calm, our tranquility.  All too often we allow the forests to invade the space instead of living with them. Instead of trying to find our way in life with the trees, knowing that they too make us the whole person we are.  And that they are God's beauty along with the calm waters. 

Take a moment to think about the trees and the waters in your life.  How do each of these areas coincide? How can you find your authentic, blissful self with both? What are you willing to do to continue to thrive?

Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,