Living your True North

Each year a different type of event lands in Atlanta, GA and other cities around the is called Wanderlust 108.  It is advertised as a Mindful Triathlon.  And I must agree.  A 5k run through Atlanta, then yoga and meditation in the park along with fun activities like OM Walking, Barre 3, Hula Hooping and Essential Oil classes.

I have had the opportunity to enjoy Wanderlust for the past two years. And plan on continuing to go for years to come.  But why is this Mindful Triathlon so popular,  not only with me but with people of all races, ages and ethnic backgrounds?  

What is the attraction to a Mindful Triathlon?

The word wanderlust defined is a strong desire to travel. So where are we traveling? If you listen and look around the festival you also see and hear the phrase "Finding Your True North" 

What does that mean?....

True North differs from magnetic north, which varies from place to place and over time due to local magnetic anomalies. A magnetic compass almost never shows true north. And finding true north is essential for accurate navigation.

In "The Blog" posted on August 10, 2015 by Bill George he writes: "True North is your orienting point - your fixed point in a spinning world - that helps you stay on track as a leader. It is derived from your most deeply held beliefs, values, and the principles you lead by. It is your internal compass, unique to you, representing who you are at your deepest level."

I love this quote and it explains why so many people would make the trek to Wanderlust 108. Putting together Wanderlust; the desire to travel and True North;  finding your fixed point unique to you,  equals an opportunity to travel through life toward your goals, desires and authentic self. It can be an opportunity to start to find your compass, a compass unique to you. An opportunity to use your body through yoga and running. An opportunity to connect with others who are looking for peace and good physical and mental health. And an opportunity to quiet the world if for only a moment. The question is, can you sustain this type of living beyond a festival? Living each day with purpose. 

With that thought in mind, I ask myself, where is my True North and where do I want to travel to find it either figuratively or literally, in mind &/or in body?  And I ask you to look deeper to find your True North.  Where do you need to go to feel passionate, alive and fully engaged? Are you already prepared with compass in hand or are you waiting? And if you are waiting, what are you waiting for? What is your personal mission statement and how can you move toward your True North with your own Wanderlust?

Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,