The Wilderness of Lent

For those of you who are Christians you are aware that we are in the season of Lent.  A time to either give up or take on something.  Over 40 days you will contemplate your decision to change, work hard to accomplish your task and hopefully during this time remember what Jesus gave up and took on for us.  It is a time to think about the wilderness of our lives - the places we don't want to think about and unravel the pain, disappointment, anger or unsettling feelings that fill that wilderness. And hopefully when the time of Lent is complete we come out more adjusted, happy and filled with a renewed spirit.  

I am spending time reading "a clearing season" by Sarah Parsons.  This is the second time I've read the book which has a subtitle "Reflections for Lent" and it does not disappoint.  The first chapter brings up questions like "What drives you into your own wilderness?" This is a powerful question if you think about it. The wilderness can be uncomfortable and we spend a lot of energy avoiding our own wilderness.  But what if you confront it, wrestle it and then move past it.  I believe all of the feelings that we bottle up, sadness, regret and anger create our wilderness and can be what makes us volatile.  Could it be if we worked through our wilderness that we all could be happier, kinder people? 

I am excited to see what this season of Lent brings for me and each of you.  Finding that after the ashes are gone and the Easter baskets are put away we are stronger people - committed to a new lifestyle, a new beginning and cleansed from confronting our wilderness.

Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,