Living Your Work

I was recently watching a sermon by pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church.  It's title is "Don't Waste Your Work"  I found the sermon to be inspiring from a work perspective.  I have shared his work life/spiritual principles here because I feel they are worthy of repeating. 

1. What More Can I Give?

2. What More Can I Learn?

3. How Can I Personally Advance the Organizational Mission?

4. How Can I Shine?

5. Who Can I Help?

6. Where Is My Reward?

How do these principles apply to your work life? Are you living with purpose not only at home but at work? If you lived these principles would you be happier each day when you arrive? I believe no matter what you do, you can be happy and find value in your work life.  But it all depends upon you and the attitude you bring to work.  So, why not try....why not take one month to work beyond even your own expectations.  See if you feel better overall.  

In the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" Anne Hathaway's character Andy is complaining that her boss played by Meryl Streep will never be satisfied with her work, that she never says thank you when she does something right and strikes her down viciously when she does something wrong.  Stanley Tucci's character Nigel asks Andy "are you really trying?" and follows up with the statement "you're not really trying."  If you've seen the movie up to this point you'd say he's insane she's working unbelievably hard.  But Andy has a lightbulb moment and realizes she may be working hard but she's not really applying her heart to her work.  She needs to change her mental approach and in this case her appearance.  Once done, everything changes. it time to change your mental approach.  At the end of "The Devil Wears Prada" Andy recognizes that she is not being true to herself but I believe she also appreciates the lessons learned and from that point on she will always bring her heart to her work.

Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,