Living your Life's Purpose

On Tuesday I will be facilitating a class dedicated to the discussion of Living Your Life's Purpose.  As I woke up this morning and the world was quiet and still I began to think about our collective purpose on this earth.  What are we here to do? I believe we all have purpose.  Some will carry out amazing feats, some may make small but significant efforts and others may just be living their daily life making an impact and never knowing how meaningful their actions are.  

I have become aware that living a life that has purpose also makes us healthier in body and mind. I clearly see that the variety of things that I have done in my career have been steering me to this place, as a life coach.  And now that I am here I am grateful, excited and ready to make a difference in the lives of the people I meet.  

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu

Do you have a path that you've been on that you believe is directing you to your career purpose? Or are you stuck?...Afraid to make a step away from what is comfortable?  The unknown is scary but the rewards of finding your way can be overwhelmingly satisfying.

But, you may ask, What about your personal life's purpose? Sometimes your career and life purposes are intertwined.  Examples would be Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Mother Teresa.  Since I'm no Mother Teresa I have been on a search to find my purpose in the world.  As I began this journey of discovery I was reminded not to be drawn into the cause of the month but to the place where my heart lies.  Because with true belief in the cause, one that makes me passionate and focused on the goal I will be unstoppable. And so will you.

Have you found your passion? Do you know where to look and how? 

 In the words of Julie Andrews otherwise known as Maria from the Sound of Music  "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start"

So I hope you will join  us on Tuesday, it's a very good place to start. 

Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,