Living Prepared

If you are from an area that had the threat of snow thrust upon you this week, I have one question for you.  

Did you have to go to the grocery store?

Isn't that always the big joke, people running out for bread and (almond) milk? 

Why are most of us ill-prepared?  

We live in an age of daily grocery shopping and last minute runs to the mall.  What happened to a time when we casually picked up cards, gifts and items we needed ahead of time?  What happened to being prepared? 

When I grew up my mom and dad went to the grocery store on Wednesday night after work.  Only on that day were groceries purchased.  My mom with her list and coupons in hand selected the same items each week for our meals.  She knew exactly what she needed and how much the bill would be.  She was efficient and predictable.  Campbell's tomato soup and cheese its would be on the table for lunch on Sunday after church, just like I never doubted that on Friday we would have frozen fish sticks and that on Saturday morning bacon, eggs and toast would fill my plate.  The interesting thing is that she never seemed rushed or off balance because she lived her life then and now prepared.  Just as I knew the sun would rise today I know even to this day that she will be eating a 1/2 of a bran muffin for breakfast with a cup of coffee and a small orange juice. So, this leads to my next question

 Have we lost the art of balance in our life?

Or can there be too much balance and organization.  Although, my mom was able to keep everything moving efficiently in our home she never stepped outside her box to explore other options - did she miss out, has living this way for so long made her too judgmental? Or did living this way keep her feeling grounded and secure? Only she can answer those questions for herself, but my question to myself and each of you is....

Do you want to be the person running to the store before the storm or do you want to be the person who drives by on their way home with groceries and life's essentials waiting for you?

For me, it's a mix of both.  I absolutely hate going to the grocery store every day so I strive to go no more than twice a week.  But I also like to prepare different meals and shake things up in the kitchen.  So my goal is to organize my life but always have a little spice around the edges. I have begun this journey with the help of a book called "the life changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo. Organizing my home has been amazing and I am enjoying the time saved by having an organized space.  I have always organized my calendar and work diligently to prepare the best use of my time, but I am recognizing that I have too many things on my daily lists to do in one day, unless I wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier.  This is my latest challenge and I am stepping up to it with excitement and joy.   

How prepared would you like to be?  How will you achieve your balance? Is an organized life what you strive for and are you prepared to obtain these goals? Take a moment to think about your day.  Do you spend it running after what needs to be done and then collapse at the end of the day exhausted and feeling incomplete because you didn't accomplish some or anything you wanted to... or are you able to enjoy life and feel the presence of each day... or possibly you are somewhere in-between.  

If asked, my advise would be to take some time to be still.  Allow your mind to empty and relax and then formulate your plan for balance and take small steps to achieve it.  In a world that pulls us from here to there it is difficult to be still and focused, but taking the time each day to be in the present, to breath deeply and appreciate the moment can release the tension on your mind and body and open you up to a refreshing peace and clarity.  Preparing for the day, the week, the month, the year can be freeing and may just allow you to appreciate the moments in life. 

Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,