Our Graceful World

To live gracefully in my personal dictionary is to live with love and kindness to others and ourselves along with an appreciation for the world that has been given to us. 

I had an opportunity last week to mark off a bucket list item.  It may seem small to most but to me it was an adventure.  I have wanted to paddle board for the longest time.  So, while in Hawaii off I went into the ocean with my board and paddle.  And I couldn't have been happier.  

I used my yoga instruction to help with balance and low and behold I stood up.  Not for long mind you.  Yoga or not, I'm still a klutz. But I stood up and paddled over the waves and through the water as I looked at the beauty that God has blessed us with.

Mountains, sand, beautiful water and amazing trees and cliffs surrounded me.  I couldn't help but think about this wondrous place and how fortunate we are to live here.  You don't have to be in Hawaii to appreciate the wonder of nature.  You can be in your backyard or at a park or on the lake or river.  Beauty is everywhere that has been touched by God.  Too often we forget to look on a daily basis. Take a moment look around you and think about how awe inspiring creation is. And think about your bucket list. What's on it? Go do something today big or small - check off one of your adventures.