Graceful Breathing

When was the last time you took a minute to breathe? 

Just closed your eyes, relaxed and took deep slow breaths.  

Last year I discovered meditation.  It is for me a time to stop and rest my mind.  There are many ways to meditate such as someone talking you through it, using word or words to focus on such as a mantra, or one of my favorites breathing.  Focusing on your breath. As you focus on your breath you can clear your mind from the thoughts that intrude.  It can be difficult and sometimes close to impossible.  I find if I just pay attention to my breathing every time a thought enters I am able to come back to a mental/emotional stillness.  I picture what my breath would look like swirling in front of me as I breath in and out, what color would it be - pink or blue usually come to mind.  But after, after time of mind silence, time reflecting on this beautiful human occurance of breathing I am stilled.  My thoughts are clear and I can go through the day with a certain peace, a calmness that I can't quite explain.  I am able to organize my thoughts and be more creative. 

Since I've started meditation I have often said to my husband after a difficult conversation with someone in customer service for example - "There just lucky I meditate now." Those who know me, know me for having had a short fuse.  I'm happy to say I am able to control my frustration and appreciate people and experiences more.  I don't feel that tightness in my chest as if I'm ready to explode at any moment.  

I've also learned what I notice when I don't meditate.  I feel anxious and angry, uncomfortable and unhealthy. I'm no different from everyone else, when times get busy I walk away from the things that are best for me.  I stop meditating, make poor food choices, don't exercise, etc.  But then I reflect on my choices or lack of good choices and I ask myself:  Why would I walk away from the things that keep me healthy? 

You don't have to subscribe to a meditation program or join a class or meditate for an hour unless you want to. But you can sit down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Picture the air entering your body, flowing through it, cleansing it and nourishing every part of you. What colors do you see? And how do you feel after taking a few minutes to regroup and refresh.