Keeping calm in the midst of chaos

Do you ever feel like you've committed to way too many things and no matter what you do you are disappointing someone.  It's tough as a person who loves to keep busy and jumps into every project at once.  But of course the inevitable will happen. You start to feel frustrated and uncomfortable.  You feel like everything is a race and nothing can be done properly.  Everyone is pulling at you and you start "dropping the ball" How do you get past that overwhelmed feeling and how do you stop it from happening again?  

Taking time to organize your thoughts and your life can help. Digging deep to find out why you take on so much and learning to let some things go.  Maybe not forever, but waiting until you have time to accomplish what you want the way you want to.

I am considered a "Rainbow Person." A person who likes many different things.  I am usually reading two books at the same time and always have big plans each day to get things done.  Inevitably it seems almost nothing gets done.  Taking the time to unify my interests, assess my priorities and overcome any blocks that keep me from being committed helps me feel successful. But I am a work in progress and very grateful to be able to work with many tools to stay connected to my goals.

Although, I must say that today with work, a new deck being put on my house, a fireplace being refurbished amongst many other daily responsibilities I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  It's appears that today is a day to take time to meditate and get my thoughts and priorities lined up.