Graceful Living Group Classes

I am so excited!

The first of what I hope to be many group classes will begin on Tuesday, January 17 at Level Creek UMC. in Suwanee, GA.  A place that is rich in history, love and kindness.

I will be teaching 4 different classes based upon Living our Best Lives.  

We will kick off on January 17 with Living Spiritually.  This class is going to dig deeper into our spiritual selves.  No matter where we are in our walk we will be able to find a renewed vision for where we want to go.  

Then on January 24 we will jump into Living our Life's Purpose.  How many times have you come home disappointed in your job or feeling like your not doing "something" you should be doing.  We will spend time unearthing the things that make you feel alive and excited.

On January 31 it is time to start Living Healthy.  We are all looking for ways to live a healthy life but schedules, desires and missteps may time take us off track.  Why is that? Why do we put ourselves and our health last on the list? Why don't we have the commitment needed to continue our good eating and exercise habits all year long and not just the first week of January.  This class will help us to start looking at ourselves in a very different way and open our minds to what might be holding us back from success.  

And to finish off our series on February 7 we will discuss Living what you Believe.  This topic will make you think and consider what actions you can take to propel your beliefs forward.  Not just your spiritual beliefs, but everything you believe from political to environmental and beyond. 

I hope you can join me.  As said, I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with people, helping them to find their way in the world and find peace within themselves.  

For more information about registration and fees check out my Registration Page at

Grace, Peace & Healthy Living,